Weekend Shopping = Not Saving $

After a weekend spent celebrating my and DH 1st year anniversary, I have been out shopping. I know, shopping does not equal saving $. There were some good deals though, I got the little one which I might be referring in my blog as little one or LO, chibster, baby boy, and bubby. Weird nicknames, I know, heh.

Kohls had the 15% coupon with any purchase and tax free weekend, plus they had some really good 60-70% clearance. So I walked away with 9 outfits for $25. Which I do kept tags on outfits until the LO wears them, b/c you never know when he will grow super fast or you don't like the outfit. Same goes for me as well. I keep tags and receipts for clothing since when it comes time to wear it, I dunno if I will or not. Thus giving me the option to return the item for $ back or store credit.

Also went to a garage sale this weekend and got 25 outfits for LO for $8. He now probably has enough clothing for the next year or two to wear an outfit everyday and never have to wear it again. That's the problem with baby clothing, it's all soooo cute, which makes you think 'My baby will look super cute in this, I must get it.'

I told myself last week, he has enough clothing for cloth all of Angelia Jolie's children and the octuplets. But no, I give in when onesies and Carter's outfits are <$3 a piece. However, I think this will be the end of shopping for a while. I will have to return back to work soon (since I'm on maternity leave) and will not have time for shopping anymore.

Although I am trying to find a rainforest or tiny loves mobile that plays for 20 mins and has the projection onto the wall on craigslist for super cheap. I had no clue that mobiles play for such a short time until I play ours and then read about these mobiles. I'm really trying to figure out what I should send to daycare to hook up to his crib, since he'll be there the most everyday. I have a cute doggy mobile, but I need one of these as well to hook on the otherside.

In reality, I know he will be fine without anything, but I think 'He's going to lay in his crib for a while every day up there, I really need stuff for him to look at'. I also thought about making some extras like a black and white blanket for him...I dunno.

What hangs in your child's crib at daycare or at home? What 'extra' thing would be fun or good for his vision development?

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