First day of daycare

Today I took in my LO for his first day of daycare for a few hours. I meanwhile went to the fabric store to pick up some really cute (and cheap) fabric to make a couple more baby wraps, a nursing cover, 2 blanket/pillow combos for LO (for daycare), and some extra fabric to make LO an outfit. Oh yeah, and another blanket. I also got ribbon. I got a lot of fabric for only $38. I had to dig in the remnants to find the cheap stuff as well, heh.

Daycare was alright. I was about to break down in tears. I only left him there for 3-4 hrs today, to let him smell the smells and see the people. I feel really comfortable with the daycare, but it's just a sinking heart feeling that every day I will not be able to share it with him for the majority of it, instead I will be a slave to the working force. However, hopefully for not too long. I don't think I could be a SAHM for a long time, but I wouldn't mind being a part-time or working on bank hours/school schedule mom. LO is almost breaking out in laughs. DH says that he does it for him, but I've yet to catch him with the laughing. But oh the smiles are coming out and those are wayyyy too precious. :)

It's late and I still have household duties to attend.

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